Kim Simpson       The Mad Dukes Sing and Play for You (2006)
      The Mad Dukes

      Recorded in Austin, Texas, at
      Kim Simpson's house in 2005-2006
      Produced by Kim Simpson, Jerry Allen, and Cory Barber
      All songs written and performed by Kim Simpson
      All songs published by Mad Duke Music (BMI)/
      Jackling Jaguar Music (BMI)
      Artwork by Jerry "Monk" Banks

1. Invasion Song (2:08)
Starting a band/starting a war. Written in 2003.

2. Joey Superteen (3:51)
Written in 1994 at an Austin laundromat imagining the backstory of two kids also there. A sequel called "Joey Superteen's Gone" became the title track to a later Mad Dukes EP.

3. Looking for That Girl (3:57)
Written in 1990.

4. Big Leg at the White Rabbit (3:54)
Backup vocals: Jerry Allen and Cory Barber. Inspired by a write-up in an old Austin Chronicle about a show by a band from Salt Lake City. The piece had taken a "rock renegades from the land of the oppressed" angle. Written in 1997.

5. The Pleasure Is Mine (4:23)
Written in 1990, with the line "I am your servant" changed to "I am your Mad Duke" in 2006.

6. Morris Mayflower (2:58)
Written in 2000 in response to Irwin Chusid's Songs in the Key of Z.

7. Song of the Times (3:12)
Written in 1989.

8. Face on the Dartboard (2:31)
Written, along with "Invasion Song," in 2003.

9. One Man World (2:59)
Backup vocals: Cory Barber. A rephrasing of Bread's "He's a Good Lad." Written in 1994.

10. Folk Festival (3:19)
An imagined theme song for some Kerrville Folk Festival gate-crashers. Written in 1994.

11. What Love Is (5:18)
Written in 1988.

12. The Mad Dukes Sign Off (7:23)
Written with sincerity in 2006.

The Mad Dukes Sing and Play for You © 2006, RiPPYFiSH Records
The Mad Dukes